Ape Royale Scam
ApeRoyale.net is a SCAM

Take the time to read the evidence and don't fall for it!

Ape Royale is a fake project whose sole purpose is to steal your personal information and your crypto wallets.

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What is Ape Royale?

Ape Royale is a fake project trying to appear legitimate by using the work done by another legit web3 video game project, Cantina Royale.

Ape Royale copied their assets, blog posts and websites to quickly build a trustworthy facade.
They even regularly copy Discord messages of Cantina Royale administrators and users onto their own Discord server to give some life and credibility to their trap.

How do they proceed?

They target cryptocurrency users interested in web3 games to get them to download and run an Ethereum wallet stealer on their computer.
They get in contact with potential victims on Twitter and Discord.
They are also targeting crypto Community Managers looking for a job.

Once they feel you're convinced enough, they will send you a code to download their program on their website.
By hidding their program behind an invite code, they can track specific victims and hide their virus from online anti-virus analyzers.

VirusTotal scan (1st version) 9 security vendors flagged this file as malicious

VirusTotal scan (2nd version) 1 security vendor flagged this file as malicious

Are they offering you a Community Manager job?

They pretend to offer weekly and monthly salary payments, mainly in Ethereum (ETH), for your services.
But first, you have to download and install their game to test it.
There is nothing to test! The program will deploy a malware on your computer and steal what it can from you.

What to do if you executed their program?

  1. Don't panic, keep your cool and act quickly without making the situation worse. Don't hesitate to call a friend for help.
  2. Immediately disconnect your computer from the Internet by disabling your network:
    • Cut off your WiFi.
    • Unplug your network cable.
    • If you have any doubts, shutdown your router/Internet access.
  3. From another device:
    • Create a new wallet and move all your assets in it.
    • Change your passwords, especially the ones saved on your web browser and email client.
  4. Clean your compromised computer:
    • Do a full antivirus scan with an up-to-date solution.
    • Contact your local computer repair shop.

Fake project
Real project
Ape Royale scam
Catina Royale legitimate
Registered on August 18 2023
Registered on September 8 2023
Registered on November 4 2021
3 short articles, including 2 on the same day. All copied from Cantina Royale.
More than a year of updates and developer articles.
Registered on April 2023
Registered on November 2021
Ape Royale is distributed on their website behind a personnal code.
Cantina Royale is available on Google and Apple apps store (verified).
Nobody talks about it on the Internet except Twitter bots.
Featured on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Cointelegraph, Investing.com, multiple blogs around the world, YouTube channels, Twitter users.

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